Thing #2, My First Blog Post

Posted: July 15, 2010 in Uncategorized
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I have tried to start a blog before but didn’t keep it up. I just don’t think that most of the things I do are interesting enough to let the whole world know, and usually don’t have time to think up interesting posts ( I decided to use WordPress again because I am already familiar with it; however, I had completely forgotten my password.

Blogging can be used in education as a way for students to generate short writing assignments, which can be viewed and critiqued by not only the teacher, but other students.  Blogs are also an easy way to introduce students to creating a basic website, and everything that is involved with maintaining a modern website.

I have decided not to sign up for twitter. My life is defiantly not interesting enough to let people know what I’m doing all the time, and when I am doing something interesting I don’t want to stop to let everybody know.


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