Thing #11, Gen Y

Posted: July 23, 2010 in Uncategorized
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As someone that is just on the line between Gen X and Gen Y (’79) I can relate to many of the thoughts of those in Gen Y. I’m enough from Gen X that I didn’t get the sense of  entitlement that many of them have, but I did start using a computer at a really young age (TI-99/4A when I was 3), so I do have technology expectations that are with or above many in Gen Y. Unlike may Gen Y and Z people I have always been interested in how and why things happen, not just taking it for granted. I have noticed in teaching computer literacy classes that many people graduating from hight school know how to use a computer for the basics, but have no idea of how it works, or how to do more complicated things. This is an an idea that is emphasized by Apple, and by more and more developers. They make it so simple that it’s dumbproof, and at the same time makes it so that people don’t, and can’t, learn to do anything that is advanced. It’s like the never had to figure something out for themselves.

Some of the major things that I carry with me is that things need to be fun and interesting, as well as I have to be multi-tasking at all times to be able to concentrate. I also relate to needing things to be done quickly. Having to wait for technology, or for something to happen is paramount to it not happening at all.

In my classes I like to challenge students so that they do have to figure things out. I have seen how letting them struggle to figure something out gives them a real sense of accomplishment once they finally figure it out. I also like to keep my assignments applicable to the real world, this keeps students interested, and finally I like to have some assignments that feed from one to another. This lets students fell like they accomplished a larger goal, as well as how the different stages fit together.

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