Thing #9, Exploring Web 2.0 Tools

Posted: July 23, 2010 in Uncategorized
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The biggest web2.0 tool that I use is moodle. I have been using this to deliver all my courses for 4 years. I use it to give students access to lectures, give & receive assignments, share online resources, give exams, and make announcements.

Zoho is a great online tool for collaboration. In my experience it’s multi-user editing is much better than Google docs’ has been. It also has many other tools available, whenever I have given a group assignment I have suggested that students use it to write their project.

I have also had studnts use Aviary and splashup to create and edit images.

I use Rcampus to make and use rubrics for my classes. I also embed these rubrics into the assignments so that students know what I am looking for.

Eventually I will be  integrating student blogs into my classes I believe that this will allow them to not only get used to using online comunication, but will also allow them to explore different ways to share their drawings.

Personally I have just started using Dropbox to sync my laptop with my office computer. I was tired of going to work on a lecture, and not having the most current version, or not having a supporting file that I needed. I also use evernote to take notes (pictures of things) that I want to remember later.


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