Thing #13, eBooks

Posted: July 24, 2010 in Uncategorized
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I really like the lit2go website, I think I will use it with my son. I have also used in the past to get audiobooks. I have also used scribd to get book notes, and other supporting info.

I could not find any good e-books for my subject (drafting/CAD). On wikibooks there are a couple that have been started, but not finished. I have also started writing a textbook, and have been trying to decide how to release it once I’m done. Lulu and create space are options that I hadn’t seen before. I have also entertained the idea of making it free, in that case scribd or wikibooks would be good options.

Some of the books that I use have online companions, and some are much better than others. One of the things I like best about the online companion is the additional links and resources that are available online.

I can see how these resources could be used in a more general class in k-12. Students could be assigned to read a book which is available for download. this would save the district and the student the cost of buying the book. My sister is a prime example of a Gen Y student. She never liked reading while she was in school, and has documented learning disabilities and problems reading, which she use as an reason why she couldn’t complete college. Recently she bought a Nook and has been on a reading rampage.


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