Thing #16, Google Earth, Literature Stories

Posted: July 24, 2010 in Uncategorized

Using SketchUp I created this table. I created it by drawing a rectangle, pulling it into 3D, I then offert the top edge, and pull it up some more to make the chamfer. I then made the legs by sketching a rectangle with fillets, and pulling it. I then copied and pasted the leg to make the others.

Coming from a drafting background using SketchUp really frustrates me. I can’t get the exact locations that I want to use for, and I can’t do some things that I can easily do in CAD programs. I could have made a much better table in half the time using any CAD program.

I created the 3D models for this in AutoCAD and Inventor, and Rendered it in 3Ds Max

I took the Grapes of Wrath littrip. a Lit Trip could be used in the architecture class to show different buildings around the world, and include a narrative to go with the location.


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