DRFT-25 (Descriptive Geometry)

Posted: November 4, 2010 in Merced College

As noted in the Minutes of the Advisory Meeting we need more discussion on what should be in this class.

My primary concern is that the  Current Book is 14 years old, and does not address using 3D tools to solve problems. If you wish to take a look at the book let me know. Many Engineering Graphics books incorporate a couple chapters on descriptive geometry, showing 2D techniques as well as 3D ones.

Some notes from the surveys were:

  • Dimensioning and detailing
  • software is set up to represent company standards of the descriptive geometry required on the drawing. Being able to draw a 3D complex item and then draw each view plane is very important.
  • Math is important, especially in the Surveying department. Drafters should be able to calculate angles using degrees, minutes and seconds, not just decimal degrees. Drafters should also understand real world applications of these concepts
  • Anything Civil, Property lines, bench marking, elevation, etc.

Civil content will be moved to the new Civil class.

What do you think should be included in this class? Developments, Intersections of objects, Vectors, other?

Should it incorporate 3D tools (autocad, invnetor) to help solve problems?

Should other content be included in the class? Reverse engineering, GD&T, other?

Any input you give would be helpful, my goal is to prepare students so that they will be productive when they reach you.

  1. Kevin Robinson says:

    I feel they need the 2d concepts to fully understand the 3d approach to descriptive Geometry. Maybe I have been away from the class too long but this one class has helped me the most in my job. The people I hire are for the most unable to do any thing outside of the computer. I guess I learned both ways hand and computer drafting.

    • James Thornburgh says:

      Which concepts? intersections of lines, visibility, angle between lines and planes… Please be as specific as possible.

      • Kevin Robinson says:

        The Class I took with Dick Conrad covered most if not all the concepts. I will pull out my old book and run through it this weekend. Thanks, James

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