“Grading” update

Posted: March 31, 2011 in Uncategorized

I have been thinking about ways that I can implement a new homework & grading policy. One of my major stumbling blocks has been how to keep track of what exercises students have done, how well they are understanding the material, and provide feedback. I have thought about keeping track of it in Moodle as well as creating new ways to keep track of how they are doing. My main problem with this is that I would probably get distracted before I got back to my computer to enter their progress. Today I had the thought that a great solution would be to get a Nook color to carry around the class with me, I then could make notes, and evaluate their work while standing next to them.

I think the way I will handle things is to have some assignments that are just for practice, and some that will be evaluated. For the evaluations I will look at their work on their screens, and give them verbal feedback as well as make notes about their performance on the assignment as well as Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs).  I think this will enable me to give quicker feedback to students. I will rate them in the following manor:


  • Completed at expected level
  • Missing minor components
  • Missing major components


  • Met SLO on own
  • Needs help to meet SLO
  • Does not meet SLO

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