A Big Week

Posted: May 13, 2011 in Uncategorized

It has been an eventful week; in addition to being the week before practical finals. I started the week off writing a newsletter to send out to students and industry members. Then there were all the different meetings, including figuring out some hiccups with the RTF grant, and confirming everything for the TLA. I also had my interview with the selection committee at Fresno State for the Ed.D. program. Today I learned that I was accepted to the program. This will start the next chapter in my formal education. It will add to and complement my self-directed learning.

I have also made progress on plans for next semester, including creating a new domain (merced-cad.com) and installing the newest version of Moodle. I will keep track of the time it takes me to set up courses so that I will be able to give actual times to the CMS taskforce that they can use in their comparisons of different systems. I will also be piloting a windows tablet, and a new classroom management program next semester. I am ready for this semester to be over so I can focus on creating new content and making upgrades for next semester, as well as preparing for my classes at Fresno State.


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