Summer Plans

Posted: May 15, 2011 in Uncategorized

With the semester coming to an end my focus is turning to the tasks I need to do over the summer that will enable me to put into practice the many different Ideas that I have been listening to. My goal is to give the students the guidance so that they will be able to work through the different areas of the programs, and create authentic demonstrations of their learning.

In my intro to AutoCAD class I am putting together the guidelines for a project which will allow students to use what they have learned about CAD to create a drawing or diagram that would be useful in another subject. My thought is that by allowing students to determine their own project with loose guideline they will have more interest in the outcome of the project. I currently have one assignment where I let student draw whatever they want, and had one student spend a good amount of time creating a landscape drawing for her yard. In creating the layout she used several of the more advanced commands, and made the connection of how they could be used.

In order to facilitate student’s exploration I will be creating individual videos on each of the commands, this will combine with the interactive exercises to allow students to complete practice assignments using sets of commands. These practice assignments will be ungraded, after students are comfortable with the commands I will have an assessment exercise that they will complete when they think they are ready; I will then go over the assignment with them, giving them guidance, and assessing on the scales I have previously mentioned.

I am also going to create similar videos for Inventor, and then there is the new manufacturing processing course, in this course I still need to figure out how everything in going to go togeather with the different exercises and how I will be delivering materials to students.


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