Summer so far

Posted: June 21, 2011 in Uncategorized

It’s now a month into the summer and I have not accomplished nearly as much as I wanted to by this point. I have spent several days that I was on campus to work on videos moving furniture in order to get ready for and after the floors were waxed. The tasks that I have accomplished are that I now have a working understanding of the use of our new Zscanner. I also created a video , and several samples of custom lego blocks. We offer a college for kids program during the summers, and there is a lego robotics class. I thought it would be good to let the kids design their own blocks that I will print out. This will allow them to make better robotic designs, as well as be introduced to design, and the technology that is involved. This week they will make sketches, and when I get back next week I will print them out on the uPrint, and try to print some on the ObJet which will be installed next Tuesday and Wednesday.

I am now in Costa Mesa preparing for several intensive days at the Online Teachers Conference. I just selected all of my workshops, and am really excited. there are several sessions pertaining directly to CTE; however, both are primarily dealing with SB70 Grants. Perhaps this is an area that I need to look into for additional funding.

I have also started the upgrade to moodle 2.o, and need to set up times with several faculty that were interested in it.

Last week I bought a Nook Color for my son and wife. I set it up to run Android Gingerbread from a SD card and am very impressed. I found out that not all SD cards are created equal. I had bought a PNY card from Best Buy because they didn’t stock the SanDisk as the website advertised. When I installed android there were major performance problems, it would stall on almost every action, things would take forever to download from the market, and the internet would just hang. After reading a post on the most important thing for running off a SD card being small file size writer speed I went out looking for a new SanDisk card. The only card that I could find locally was a Class 2 (the PNY was a Class 4) and after testing found that it had a 160% better write speed for 4k files than the PNY card with higher specs. I installed it yesterday and everything is running smoothly.


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