Another busy week

Posted: July 23, 2011 in Uncategorized

This week has been all about MTTA/CDTC and updating web sites. I started the week attending the MTTA/CDTC conference and learned a few things that I will be including in my classes. I took two major things away from the conference. The first was the use of Siicon molds and Liquid Plastic resins for molding, and the second was what the architecture department looks for in transfer students.

I spend a little time while I was there updating the Teaching CAD page on this blog to include links to some of my exercises and resources which I presented at the Drafting Roundtable. At that time the attendies all share and exercise or resource with the group, it is something that I am proud that we do, and wish other diciplines, or faculty members would do. It really helps everyone involved.

While there I also registered a domain for CDTC and have started working on the layout of the site and forum and the different things that will be included.

On Thursday while attending edumooc I found out that Moodle had released version 2.1, which included some awaited enhancements. I started the upgrade process by copying files at school, and when I got home completed copying a couple add-in directories, and finishing the install process from the Nook.

I now need to focus on populating the course content, and finishing up the lab.

On Thursday I spoke to the Dean and he informed me that we have some money to spend on high school outreach. I had the Idea of having a day focusing on all aspects of design, and made contact with the new Digital Art faculty member and engineering professor. I think “Designing your Future” is a good title for the day, and in it will have activities that students will rotate through in the 3 different areas that show how they can each be used in the design process.


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