What a semester

Posted: October 28, 2011 in Uncategorized

It’s been a busy semester. This post will address several areas that I have been wanting to share including how the new assignment and grading structure is working, and my experianes using technology as a student.

To recap on the changes I made to how assignments are handled. Students now have practice assignments that they work on, but don’t turn in, and labs that are graded. One of the primary concerns that I had was that students would not do the practice exercises. For the most part students are doing all the exercisies. On several occations I have had them attempt the lab without the practice, and I could tell instantly. I have also received great feedback on the videos.  The ones that do the practices first have done very well on the labs in all classes. Almost half of the labs that I have graded have had no problems, and the majority of thereafter only had minor issues. Grading labs in class has been a real benefit. It has allowed me to give more in-depth feedback to students as well as free me from hours of gradient out of class each week. It has all been nice to be able to track SLO performance for each assignment. The one issue that I discovered is that the 3 point grading scale will take some adjustment when it comes to preparing final grades.

In going back to school I have been exposed to the use of technology from the student’s side. I am a part of a great cohort of students in the EdD program at Fresno State. We use a facebook group to discuss class work, ask questions, and shares whn we figure somethig out. In one class there is a group paper, so we are using Google docs to collaborate. My group has done most of the work on the paper asynchronously, using multiple documents to organize our evaluation and outline and another for the working doccument. I spent the first seven weeks of the semester trying to figure out the best way to take notes from different devices. I started the semester using a touchpad which had no good text editor so I took notes in the memo app. It was ok but not very user friendly. I also toook some notes on my laptop that were saved in my sync folder. These were ok but did not give me the ability to have all my notes in one place or the ability to search through my notes. After installing android on the touchpad I found, actually refound, my solution. I am now using evernote to take notes on bother the laptop and touchpad.


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