Starting my dissertation

Posted: March 20, 2013 in dissertation

After a long hiatus; I have decided to start posting to this blog again.

I passed the qualifying exam for the EdD program at the end of January, and have spent the last month putting my dissertation committee together. Thursday I meet with my chair to discuss my outline. After much thought and debate over the last year and a half I have decided to research employee selection methods for entry-level product engineers. The focus will go on what employers are looking for in employees, is it completion of a Higher Ed program as screening theory would suggest, or is it contextual skills and knowledge as referenced by the theory of individual differences.

I have set a goal of competing the preliminarily defense by the end of may, this gives me about a month and a half to do all the writing for my first three chapters. It is good that I have been collecting and skimming articles for the last year. I now just need to buckle down and actually go through them in earnest while taking good notes.

Organizational tools:
After a test of quiqqa; I have decided to stay with mendeley for my reference manager. When on the go I will make notes using acrobat reader for android and then transfer them to mendeley when I’m at my computer.

Yesterday I found out about Scrivener by reading through #phdchat and think I will give it a try. I have entered all of my deadlines into Google tasks and am using a gtasks widget to keep the lists on the second screen of both my phone and tablet. The dates are based on a Gantt chart that I made using ganttproject. This morning I discovered that integrates with drive and think I may try it out.


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