Outline meeting

Posted: March 21, 2013 in dissertation, Research

I just had a very good meeting with my chair to go over my outline. It was really positive. Most of her suggestions were small changes to wording, a couple of which I will have to determine through the literature. She likes my overall structure and headings. I asked her questions about my lit-review and she confirmed my direction in that it would be mostly about the information from the studies, and that I should only include methodological information from studies that are similar to mine. We also spoke for a while about my methodologies including how to make it easier for subjects to understand terms, and how I will create a subject pool and select subjects.

We decided the next step would be for me to send her what I have done by April 3rd, and then a first draft of chapters 1-3 by April 17th. I am also going to email my other committee members my thoughts for the methodology and ask for feedback that I can include while writing chapter 3. Hopefully by doing this there will be less that needs to be changed, and I will be able to have my preliminary defense at the end of May.


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