Reading, reading, and more reading #eddchat #phdchat

Posted: March 28, 2013 in dissertation, Research

This week has been chock full of reading articles. At the begetting if the week I had 366 articles collected that had some relationship to my dissertation. I have been steadily going through them in order to identify ones that should be included and which I need to take out of contention.

One of the people in the cohort ahead of me suggested making a “not dissertation” folder in Mendeley that I can quickly add anything that is not directly related to my dissertation. This has been good because I have found a lot of articles that I want to read later to improve my teaching, but are not close enough to my dissertation to warrant reading right now.

I have been tagging articles by the headings in my outline, by research methods, and by needed future research. I have found several articles that have identified needed research that is really close to what I am doing, which energizes me to continue on. I have also found articles that have justifications for aspects of my methodology, and for methods that I had dismissed but may take another look at.

This weekend will be more non-stop reading and next week will be the start of writing. I have committed to sending what I have completed to my chair on the 4th, and the draft of chapters 1-3 on the 17th. I have a lot to do and not much time.


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