Started writing #eddchat #phdchat

Posted: March 30, 2013 in dissertation, Research

Today I continued reading during the morning, and then started writing after lunch. I figured that it would be better to write about each section as soon as I finish reading about it. I decided that if I waited to start writing until I had finished ready ping everything I would forget some of what I wanted to write about in each section.

While I was reading I discovered that one of the articles that I found used a very similar methodology to the one I’m thinking about using.

I was in the lab for 13 hours today and completed writing just under 5 pages. Most of the time after lunch was spent creating a matrix of the articles on competencies of engineers. I then started to write that section, so far I have written about the commonalities between the majority of the articles, as well as descriptions of two articles. I also wrote the introduction to the section on human capital theory, and an explanation on the job classification that I am interested in studying.

Tomorrow I plan on finishing the section on competencies. Then I will start working on other sections related to the various theories that are connected to my dissertation. It looks like it will be another very long day.


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