Theorize on the theories #eddchat #phdchat

Posted: April 1, 2013 in dissertation, Research

Today was a day spent on theories. I have now stated writing about almost ask of the theories that are relevant to my research. The theories that I am including are human capital, signaling, screening, institutional, credentialing, and individual differences. I am really taking a multidisciplinary approach to this study, these theories come from economic, sociology, and business perspectives. I am also debating the inclusion of self-determination theory from philosophy.

Chapter one received some work also. I also spent a little time importing references for books and websites that I had collected in evernote before moving to mendeley. I also figured out to keep my reference list at double spacing. I just had to update the normal(web) style that the field from mendeley is assigned to.

I think I have also come up for a better title, one that better indicates the tie to education, and the new focus on theories. I think it will allow me to explain what I am doing better also.

Tomorrow I am going to sit in on a final defense in order to see how it goes.


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