Slow going #phdchat

Posted: April 10, 2013 in dissertation

Well, this week has been less productive than I hoped for. I decided to take Sunday off for a much needed family day, but that entailed no writing. Monday afternoon and evening I spent just over 7 hours creating a matrix of validity for various predictors from my articles, only to realize yesterday that I should have included confidence intervals or ranges for articles that included more than just one value. I have spent another three hours gathering this information.

On a productive note, I have made a good amount of progress on chapter three (methodology). When I look at what I have completed I’m surprised. I am at 26 pages of text, it feels good to be that far, but at the same time I see that I have much more to do. I’m not sure if I will be able to complete the draft within the week. It looks like I will be staying late after class tonight to work on it. I have also realized that I have a meeting in the middle of the day on Friday that will reduce the time I have to write due to traveling to and from work. All I can do is keep working and see how far I get.

I had planned on taking a draft to the grad writing studio for a review before submitting it to my chair, but I will have to see how far I get. I may go on Sunday to have them look at what I have.


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