Draft turned in, getting ready for #HASTAC2013. #phdchat #dissertation

Posted: April 18, 2013 in dissertation, hastac2013

I submitted the draft of chapters 1-3 yesterday to my chair yesterday. There was one pretty big section that I was not able to finish, and I decided it would be better to do another edit on what I had than try and rush through the last section. Before I went to drop mine off I sat in on the preliminary defense for one of the Bakersfield students and after seeing him be torn apart for things keep thinking: is that in mine, yup I addressed that, ohh I need to look at that again. I had printed mine out before I went to see him and didn’t have time to make any changes so I walked across hoping to catch my chair a little before we had agreed to meet.

She was running around after being away for 10 day and not in her office, so I sat in the little coffee bar in the business building and reread my draft. In the process I realized that I had removed a section from my lit review on hackerspaces because I couldn’t find good research articles on them, and then after I found a couple forgot to put it back in. I even referenced those articles in the intro. I need to add that section back into the lit review so that I can use it in my summary and justification for my research. I also realized that I hadn’t had enough time to revise my survey. I met with my chair in the hall before her class and quickly went over those issues, and decided that I would pick up her notes on my draft on Tuesday, so that I can have it before I leave Wednesday for HASTAC2013.

I then ran (OK I walked quickly) across campus and arrived to my class just as the guest speaker was starting. In guess he wasn’t late like my professor had told me that he would be. I sat though class listening to him talk about “development” (aka fundraising), and thinking about my dissertation, and how I needed to look into finding a better way to gain access to subjects.

After class I went to several magazines and organizations that would have contact info for engineers and engineering managers, and sent emails asking if they would be willing to work with my on distributing my survey.

I then checked and saw that the HASTAC2013 website had been updated and now had the full schedule with descriptions, and that I am spotted for 10:30 Saturday morning. I need to make my presentation, and figure out how I am going to say everything I want within 8 minutes.


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