Time to write again. #phdchat #dissertation

Posted: May 8, 2013 in Uncategorized

I have taken the last couple weeks to think about the comments that my chair made on my draft, and how I should change it. Yesterday she emailed me asking when I would be getting revisions back to her, and that it was close to being the deadline in order to have my preliminary defense at the end of May. I told her that I would have it to her on Monday.

Today I took to the whiteboard and revised my research questions, and then organized the sections of chapter 2 so that they would lead up to them. I then removed several sections that we decided were not adding much to the discussion, amounting to 8 pages. I also went through and started making changes based on her comments. Tomorrow I plan on finishing going through and making the easy changes. Then I will move the sections around based on the new outline, finish writing a couple new sections, and a lot of transitions.


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