Preliminary submitted to committee. #dissertation #phdchat #eddchat

Posted: May 17, 2013 in dissertation

I figured out how to use an automatically generated link that includes a tracking I’d for the referrer that I can embed into the results of the referee. So I no longer have technical issues with using RDS as a sampling method.

Last night I submitted my second set of revisions (3rd draft) to my chair. Within an hour she responded that they looked good, and just a few very minor additions were needed, and to check the formatting after accepting the changes (track changes was on for this revision) before I sent it on. I made the changes, and checked everything this morning on the train to work, and  then sent it to my committee.

Last night after receiving her Email I went to and sent my committee members an email so that I could identify common times that they were available the last week of May.


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