I am a Professor at Merced College, teaching Drafting Technology and Design. I am involved with all aspects of technology, for the subject that I teach to how I use technology to assist my courses.

My Teaching Philosophy

As a teacher my goal is student learning, not just from what I say, but form other sources also. I believe that students learn better when they are allowed and encouraged to learn on their own. This allows them to reach higher levels of blooms taxonomy. Learning at a higher level is important because anyone can memorize facts and figures, but in order to apply what they learn students need to have a working knowledge of the subject. A working knowledge is what students need from their educational experience. If students are spoon fed material and just asked to regurgitate it back to the instructor, they might come across as knowledgeable, but when tested in the real world they will come up lacking.

I accomplish this goal of allowing students to reach a higher level of learning by guiding them in exercises that allow them to test their boundaries. I vary the level of lecture depending on the subject matter, and how easy it will be for the students to reach out and start to learn on their own. I also vary the methods that I use to teach them so that I address students that are visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learners. I do this by providing my lectures in electronic format so that students can go back to them at any time, as well as being able to focus on what I’m saying during lecture instead of copying what’s on the board. I also provide examples of the subject with videos and screen captures. I am also a great believer in using Hybrid classes to augment my face to face classes. In the fully online classes that I have taught I use discussions to engage the students with one another, I also use assignment that get them involved in finding information that goes along with the subject matter. In online classes I believe that communication between students and myself is very important. To this end I am always available to my students via e-mail (which is downloaded to my WM phone every 5 min.) or phone. I also like to use my industry experience to give real world examples of the material, so that students can make the mental link of why it’s important.

I measure the success of students in a couple different methods. The first and usually most important to schools is the students grade based upon hard objectives in the class. The objectives include: homework and lab assignments, quizzes, and exams. To me as a teacher the more important measure of success is the amount that the student has really learned, and how they can apply their new knowledge. This is what is going to help them further down their educational and professional careers.

As I have stated above my main goal is to help my students along their journey of leaning. The real joy that I get in teaching is not having a student get an A, which is nice, but having a student tell me that they really learned something. I am even more pleased when that item is something that is above and beyond the subject matter of the course. My biggest challenge as an instructor is determining how to incorporate different learning methods that take the content from me lecturing, and them doing what I told them, to where we can have a conversation, and they can do the learning in ways that challenge them, regardless of their knowledge level at the beginning.


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